We’re excited to announce that we have launched our new membership site over at ngoisac.org

Why We Created A New Membership Site

We created this new site for the following 5 reasons:

  1. To strengthen and further support our community of mission driven and focused cybersecurity professionals doing great work in the NGO workspace.
  2. To create an online, easy and simple to use library of concise and actionable cybersecurity focused resources.
  3. To create a simple and useful user experience for our members to access these resources.
  4. To create an infrastructure to interconnect a larger group of active members.
  5. To provide our active members with a place to safely share and collaborate further.

Why You Should Become A Member

Full Access Membership Includes:

All Resources within Our New Membership Site

We’re constantly revising, updating and adding to our library of valuable resources – guides, checklists, tools, and other resources. Full access members get all past and future resources. We will add new resources based on member requests.

Access to NGO Cybersecurity Community Slack forums

Collaborate with other NGO-ISAC members and Security Intelligence Vendors and Partners. Ask for advice on security products, best practices and policies others are using.

Access to Community Threat intelligence

Access information about cyber-attacks targeting the NGO Sector and technical IOC information such as phishing email addresses, bad IPs or URLs and Malware samples

IT Asset Risk Assessment

Gain access to our automated Risk Assessment platform (Security Scorecard) results for your organization and supply chain.

Direct Access to Vendors Threat Analysts

Report attacks directly to the incident responders from Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others and improve your quarantine response times

Access to Awareness and Educational Materials

Security Awareness is key in the fight against cybersecurity threats. NGO-ISAC members have access to a curated library of security awareness and other education materials for your staff and members

Access to Law Enforcement

The NGO-ISAC maintains close relationship with US federal law enforcement agencies and can help facilitate necessary contact for US based members for incident reporting or other purposes

Access to NGO Security Best Practices (coming 2021)

Gain access to NGO-ISAC vetted best practice and security policy recommendations that are built by the NGOs for the NGOs 

Access to the Randori Threat Monitoring Platform(coming 2021)

Randori offers NGO-ISAC members complimentary access to their continuous threat monitoring and penetration testing platform 

How To Become A Member

Visit ngoisac.org to sign up and create your account.

You can start out with a free account, which gives you 90 days of access to all our free resources, as well as support from our team.

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